soundtrack mixing

At many video production companies, "sound" often takes a back seat to "picture". TAYLOR Studios is different. Our roots are in the music business. We know audio, and we know how to use it to enhance the production value and effectiveness of any video, film or multimedia project.



Milwaukee Video Editing services include audio recording studios, audio mixing and mastering for film and video production in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin audio recording studios

Our versatile, all digital audio recording and mixing suite is designed and equipped to meet virtually any audio production requirement from simple voice-overs to original music creation and complete motion picture soundtracks.

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
Foley-studio for sound effects generation
Extensinve sound effects library
Multi-track audio recording and mixdown
Industry standard GENELEC Audio Monitoring
Sony 1080P 16x9 LCD Display Monitor


Audio & video production mastering

Milwaukee Video Editing services comprise some of the most extensive film or video post-production facilities in Wisconsin and the Midwest. We feature the facilities to handle all current production resolutions including SD, HD, 2K and 4K. In addition to complete animation and compositing capabilities, mastering is possible in any of these screen formats as well.

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